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    Intro to Sewing Your Own Clothes

    Session 1: Getting Started


    Introduction to the sewing machine

    Threading the machine and winding the bobbin

    Understanding basic sewing tools and supplies

    Fabric selection and preparation

    Introduction to essential stitches: straight stitch, backstitch, and basting stitch



    Session 2: Understanding Patterns


    Introduction to commercial sewing patterns

    Reading and interpreting pattern symbols and markings

    Selecting the right size and adjusting patterns if necessary

    Basic pattern layout and cutting techniques

    Introduction to pattern terminology


    Session 3: Garment Construction Basics


    Understanding fabric grainlines and cutting fabric accurately

    Pinning and cutting fabric according to pattern pieces

    Basic garment construction techniques: sewing seams, finishing edges, and pressing

    Introduction to darts and their importance in garment shaping

    Troubleshooting common sewing issues



    Session 4: Shaping and Fitting


    Understanding garment ease and fit

    Introduction to basic garment alterations: taking in and letting out seams

    Introduction to darts and their role in shaping garments

    Fitting techniques: pin-fitting and basting for adjustments

    Addressing common fitting issues such as gaping and puckering



    Session 5: Finishing Touches


    Introduction to hemming techniques: machine-stitched hem, blind hem, and hand-stitched hem

    Adding closures: buttons, zippers, and hook-and-eye closures

    Introduction to seam finishes: zigzag stitch, overlock stitch, and French seams

    Pressing techniques for a professional finish

    Finalizing the construction of your garment



    Session 6: Project Completion

    Review of all techniques learned throughout the course

    Finishing any remaining construction steps on your garment

    Troubleshooting and addressing any final fitting issues

    Celebrating your completed garment

    Tips for caring for and maintaining your handmade garments



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    Learn how to use an Overlocker

    Let's Get Serger Savvy!


    Duration: 2.5 Hours



    Welcome to our fun and interactive "Let's Get Serger Savvy!" workshop! Whether you're new to using an overlocker (serger) or looking to brush up on your skills, this class is designed to help you feel confident and comfortable with this versatile machine. Get ready to unleash your creativity and learn how to make your sewing projects look polished and professional!


    Session 1 (60 Minutes): Introduction to Overlockers


    Welcome and Introduction

    Meet Your Serger: Let's explore the parts and functions together!

    Thread It Like a Pro: Step-by-step threading demo with easy-to-follow tips

    Stitching Success: Learn about different stitch types like overlock, rolled hem, and flatlock

    Tame the Tension: Practical advice for achieving perfect stitches every time

    Let's Get Stitching! Hands-on practice threading and sewing basic stitches on scrap fabric


    Session 2 (90 Minutes): Let's Get Creative!


    Level Up Your Skills: Dive into advanced techniques like differential feed adjustment and stitch customization

    Finish Strong: Master the art of seam finishes and explore sewing with knits

    Rollin' in Style: Discover the magic of rolled hemming and its many applications

    Troubleshooting Tips: Learn how to troubleshoot common issues like thread breaks and tension woes



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    Workshop Packs

    Have you ever been filled with excitement in the middle of a sewing shop and bought yourself a paper pattern only to get home and after three months find it sitting at the bottom of a pile of paperwork and other miscellaneous things to do?  


    Discover the joy of creating your own custom-fit garments with our personalized one-to-one or friend-based sewing pattern workshop! Learning to make a sewing pattern is not just about mastering a skill; it's about embarking on a creative journey filled with laughter, shared discoveries, and the satisfaction of crafting something uniquely yours.


    In our intimate workshop setting, you'll receive personalized attention and guidance tailored to your specific goals and skill level. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some sewing experience under your belt, our experienced instructor will patiently guide you through the process, ensuring you feel confident and empowered every step of the way.


    Bringing a friend along adds an extra layer of fun and camaraderie to the experience (ask us for a 10% discount code for your friend). Share laughs, exchange ideas, and support each other as you delve into the art of garment construction together. It's a fantastic opportunity to bond over a shared passion for creativity and sewing while honing your skills and unleashing your imagination.


    Join us for a delightful and rewarding 2.5 hour workshop experience that will equip you with valuable sewing skills so you can make, remake and hack your pattern for years to come.



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    Beginner Mindful Weaving...


    Introductory Weaving Workshop with Mindfulness Meditation


    Duration: 2 hours




    1. Welcome and Introduction (15 minutes)


    Brief overview of the workshop objectives and structure.


    2. Introduction to Weaving (30 minutes)

    Overview of weaving as an ancient art form and its modern applications.

    Introduction to basic weaving terminology and tools: loom, warp, weft, shuttle, etc.

    Explanation of different types of looms and their functions.


    3. Getting Started with the Loom (30 minutes)


    Demonstration of setting up the loom: warping the loom and securing the warp threads.

    Hands-on practice: Participants will each set up their own small loom.

    Guidance on selecting yarns and setting up the warp for their weaving project.


    4. Basic Weaving Techniques (45 minutes)


    Demonstration of basic weaving techniques: plain weave and twill weave.

    Hands-on practice: Participants will practice weaving using the techniques demonstrated.

    Individualized guidance and support from the instructor as participants weave their projects.


    5. Mindfulness Meditation Session (30 minutes)


    Guided mindfulness meditation session led by the instructor.

    Focus on cultivating present-moment awareness, relaxation, and connection to the weaving process.

    Incorporation of breath awareness and body scan techniques to enhance mindfulness.



    6. Closing and Next Steps (10 minutes)


    Recap of key takeaways from the workshop.

    Invitation for participants to continue exploring weaving and mindfulness practices in our monthly mindful weaving sessions.


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