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    Can I come and see the garments in person?

    Absolutely. You can arrange an appointment to visit the Melaleuca Rise Studio. If you live further afield then it is best to set up an online chat and we can go through the exact sizing of the garment you have selected to make sure it will feel wonderful on you.

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    Can you help me to design my own piece of clothing?

    Yes totally. We can work with you to develop a design for a special occasion piece or an everyday item of clothing. Each item is individually priced to suit your budget. It is an exciting and rewarding process to have a garment made for your exact body type rather than trying to fit into a standard clothing size that is nothing but a random configuration to make pattern drafting easier!


    Please note that we will not make an exact copy of a piece of clothing seen in a magazine or online and made by another designer. If you own a piece of clothing that has become a favourite of yours and is now sadly no longer available to purchase then we can work with you to make a new one. This would be done in a workshop setting.


    Our collection garments are unique pieces and these designs are often the starting point to inspire you with your OWN bespoke design. This is often easier than starting with a blank piece of paper as it allows you to feel different fabric types, play about with shapes and experience the flow and drape of these unique pieces.

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    Are you able to do sample runs?

    There are occasionally quieter times when we are happy to take on sample runs for other sustainable fashion brands. If you need it done super quick (like no time to sleep or eat) we are not the right choice as we like to take our time and make sure your samples are made to the highest standard and that way we can help you to create the best garment possible for your brand.


    If you would like more information about pricing and services offered please just get in touch.

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    Do you exhibit your work? Where can I see more of what you do in the physical world?

    Words from Leuca...It is such a privilege for me to share my work in a physical space and I really appreciate the commitment that it takes to visit an exhibition. I have all the information about upcoming exhibitions on my artist's website and Instagram.


    If you would like to come along but are nervous about attending by yourself please get in touch and I can meet you outside the venue. It takes courage to experience art, to be vulnerable, and learn something new about ourselves and the world, so please reach out if this is challenging for you so that I can be there to support you.