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    Book of the Month

    Wear Next by Clare Press


    What will you be wearing tomorrow? Will your jacket have been grown in a lab, or your jeans coloured using bacteria? Will we still have shops? What does the future of work look like for the people who make our garments?

    The current fashion system is wasteful, environmentally harmful and exploitative. And, if we carry on as we do now, it could account for a quarter of global emissions by 2050. But creative thinkers are dreaming up new ways to craft our sartorial identities that don't wreck the planet.

    Vogue's first sustainability editor, Clare Press, introduces us to the fascinating innovators who are redesigning fashion from the ground up and changing it in the most fundamental ways.

    'In Wear Next, Clare Press invites us to collectively envision a future of fashion that is just and joyful! Spectacular in scope and vision, this book is the roadmap for the fashion evolution we have all been waiting for, one rooted in respect, reciprocity and resourcefulness.' - Nathalie Kelley

    'Wear Next is an exciting ode to a regenerative fashion future. To truly emerge from the current planetary emergency, we need all hands on deck and convincing narratives for change across all sectors and socio-economic-political systems. Through honest storytelling and real-world experiences, Clare Press does just that - and reminds us once again that we have the power to choose the future we want.' - Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President, The Club of Rome

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