a newsletter you say...how lovely

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Well indeed it may come as a surprise to you all to find a welcome newsletter in your inbox a few weeks ago (assuming you signed up). I must say I take this Slow Living  thing very seriously so believe me when I say five months to begin sending newsletters is actually well ahead of schedule!

So here we are, already in May, and down here in Western Australia I am going through my usual hibernation period which is utterly ridiculous as day time temperatures are still sitting around the 20's (celcius). How I ever managed in Scotland I'll never know. Well I mean that's easy, I didn't - hence the move to Western Australia! My clothing of choice seems to be everything hanging in my teenage son's wardrobe so this awareness will be informing a number of new comfy, cosy options to join the other pieces in our Walk With Me Collection! 

This month has been a bit of a roller coaster ride as I've been trying to develop some kind of workable system to pursue the several lives I seem to have created for myself. If you know me well then you will be all too aware of my extremes in energy, ranging from jammies on by 4pm to buzzing with ideas and working in the studio into the wee small hours of the morning. I can never schedule these bursts and so I just need to take advantage of the energy when it's in full flow. 

This month we welcomed a couple of new pieces of equipment into the Print and Textiles Studio. 

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In future I really must pay more attention to the clearly stated dimensions. Thanks to the unending support of my family though there were zero complaints when we all realised that getting through the studio and into the kitchen would require either less dinner or at least a very big breath in. Thankfully I have now managed to adjust the space slightly and so next month we'll be starting our new "One-a-Week" T-shirt design challenge. 

We are hoping to hear some good news over the next couple of weeks about our plot of land and if all goes well I'll be taking you on a home builder's journey from start to finish. The excitement of a purpose build Print and Textiles Studio is at times unbelievable. Being able to open the door to my community, my neighbours, friends old and new - well it is quite simply a dream come true so I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for sure.

So what are you keeping your fingers and toes crossed for? Got any good news to share?