Fragmented Memories

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  • Perth Fashion Festival, West Australia - September 2018

  • Dowerin Field Day - August 2018

  • Eco Fashion Week Australia, Fremantle,WA - November 2018

  • Eco Fashion Week Australia, Port Douglas, Queensland - November 201

Our 2018 Fragmented Memories collection brings together looks that were developed during a period of independent study where my focused research was based upon a deepening knowledge of ethical and sustainable fashion and how this sits within my contemporary arts practice.

The narrative throughout this collection began with my interest in the formation and retention of memory. What we remember throughout our lives and what others remember when they think of us: the significant events, the fleeting moments, the sadness, the conversations. There can often be a disconnect between what we would want people to remember about us and our inability to control which moments hold significance to others.  After initiating a dialogue between myself and a select group of people I began to collect memories which formed the screen printed text within my work.

Gathered vintage photographs of family members were digitally manipulated to create more images for the fabric prints. An image of a mycelium underground structure was used to create an association with nature’s connected pathways. This visual offers an opportunity for the viewer to reflect upon human communication and the ways in which we may strengthen our understanding of individuals within a connected whole.


Nomadic Nostalgia

Nomadic Nostalgia Collection 2017   Image by Stephanie Senior

Nomadic Nostalgia Collection 2017

Image by Stephanie Senior


 Nomadic Nostalgia is a personal exploration into my Scottish cultural heritage and the impact of this on creating new connections to people and place.

It is a narrative collection that visually demonstrates the transitional experience of the migrant. Aspects of my own association with Scottish tartan, the thistle (Scotland’s national emblem) and the kilt are explored. I also used deconstructed and re-appreciated garments that, through movement on the body, demonstrate the awkwardness of arriving in a new country. I explored silhouettes that for me visually represent feelings of loss, grounding, belonging and connection.

Pieces from this collection are available to love or borrow. POA