Fresh beginnings with an overflowing suitcase

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And so today marks the start of our Made on Desire (MOD) 2021 collection and I must admit I am pretty much full to overflowing with excitement. Over the past year, oh yes and indeed what a year that was, I have taken many, many steps forward and oh so many more backwards in developing Melaleuca Rise into an online sustainable fashion business that can not only feed my creative energy but also on occasion feed my family.

I have been very fortunate to have been unwaveringly supported by those around me but this year I have also brought a few more people along for the ride and this has made a massive difference. Because of this support, primarily in the form of Global Sisters and a most insightful business coach, The Wellness Queen, I have finally produced a much more focused business plan (well, actually scribbles on cartridge paper, but a plan nevertheless).

I know that written journals may indeed become a thing of the past but this business is such a huge part of my life, my wellbeing and my passion for living and so I thought to ignore its development would be terribly remiss and when I am a very old lady wearing purple and not giving two hoots I may like to reflect back on this time and gently smile at the woman I once was.

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